Listen to two presentations and interviews with Dr. Trapp. Learn more about Terpenes from the expert. Ask Dr. Trapp about Terpedia her newest startup. Find out more about Dr. Trapp's speaking availability, presentations, and virtual events.

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Product Development

Dr. Trapp works with Terpedia as CSO/CEO founder to develop a repository or as they call it an encyclopedia of all things terpene. They serve farmers, producers, medical industry, and personal care product manufacturers to create custom terpene formulas. Contact Susan for more information.

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Dr. Trapp trains and creates specialized guidance for business leaders on cannabis and terpenes.

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Dr. Susan C. Trapp—Terpene Cannabis Expert

Dr. Trapp explains how terpenes function within organisms and how we might reap those benefits for ourselves.

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Humulene Terpene Education Training Expert Dr Trapp

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